Próspera’s City Builders Network

6 min readMar 17, 2023

The next step in unleashing human potential

In April, we are launching the Próspera City Builders Network. It’s a distributed network where builders around the world can contribute their efforts towards the development of next-generation cities. Members of the City Builders Network can engage in city-based projects that align with their talents or interests. Through this collective effort, they will directly participate in building a future that reflects their aspirations and values.

The term “builder” is an overarching term referring to entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, investors, real estate developers, ideators, or anyone driven to create or contribute to meaningful projects. Próspera’s CBN provides individuals with the opportunity to earn value by solving a diverse range of tasks, both big and small, that are necessary for the development of new cities. Participants can earn a vote in community decisions, marketable skills, stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, or in some cases equity from the entities posting the task.

For the first time, individuals from anywhere can directly contribute to the development of a new city and participate in the upside with a real stake in the venture.

The importance of good governance

Próspera’s mission is to unleash human potential through better governance. Effective governance is a crucial ingredient for the prosperity of any society. It encompasses various elements, including economic freedom, ease of doing business, property rights, and the rule of law. Higher scores in these areas are directly correlated to a higher GDP, indicating that good governance plays a vital role in driving economic growth and development. Moreover, a well-governed society provides a stable and predictable environment that encourages investment, innovation, and entrepreneurship, leading to job creation, increased incomes, and a higher standard of living for citizens.

Billions of humans around the world are born into a country where the biggest limitation on their future potential is the governance system they inherited. Improving governance could unlock $100–200 trillion in additional global wealth each year. No other issue comes close to providing such a huge boost to human potential and prosperity. That’s why we believe that providing effective governance as a service is the most impactful thing we can do to empower human prosperity and create a better future.

Próspera utilizes special economic zones to provide better governance services. Special economic zones (SEZs) are designated geographical areas where economic regulations and policies differ from those of the rest of the country to attract foreign investment and boost economic growth. When governed well, SEZs can create numerous benefits, including increased exports, employment opportunities, and technological advancements. One example of a successful SEZ is Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen was a small fishing village that transformed into a global manufacturing hub in the 1980s due to its SEZ status. Another example is Dubai, which established the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in 2004. DIFC operates under a separate legal and regulatory framework from the rest of Dubai, creating a business-friendly environment that has attracted many multinational companies and financial institutions. In the 1970s and 1980s, the Hong Kong government implemented policies to attract foreign investment, such as low taxes, a simple regulatory framework, and free trade. As a result, the city became a global financial center with a thriving economy. These examples demonstrate the potential of SEZs when paired with good governance services.

While many look at the developing world as the most obvious beneficiary of governance transformation, there’s room for improvement in developed nations as well. Governments worldwide are spending and printing money without regard for the future implications of those policies. Politicians and media are fanning the flames of division to further their own agendas. Hard working people pay a large share of their income in taxes only to see their money lost or wasted without any accountability. For these and other reasons, many find themselves open to new solutions in new places.

The role of Próspera’s City Builders Network

To execute something as transformative as building new cities at scale requires a collective effort from the best and brightest minds across the globe. It is an endeavor that transcends geographical constraints. By bringing together a driven group of mission-aligned contributors with different perspectives, experiences, and expertise, we can generate innovative solutions and tackle complex challenges. Moreover, building new cities requires a multidisciplinary approach that draws on expertise from various fields such as architecture, engineering, urban planning, environmental science, and social sciences. Therefore, it is essential to foster a global community that can share knowledge, collaborate, and work together towards a common goal. Ultimately, by embracing a borderless approach, we can create a sustainable city-building model that serves the needs of all people, regardless of their background or location.

In our community, we believe in meritocracy, where the best ideas and solutions win, regardless of the individual’s background, credentials, or location. Our governance platform is designed to eliminate entrenched interests and favoritism, ensuring that all ideas are evaluated on their merits alone. For instance, even if someone from the developing world lacks the collegiate credentials or the ease of travel enjoyed by someone from Silicon Valley, their innovative solution should stand on its own merit. We believe that talent and creativity are evenly distributed across the world, and that anyone, regardless of their location or social status, can make a significant contribution to our mission of building new cities. By embracing this inclusive approach, we can tap into a wider pool of talent and generate innovative solutions that benefit everyone.

Why this approach?

Just as cryptocurrencies have enabled decentralized solutions to financial challenges, Próspera’s City Builders Network allows our cities to develop with input from a wide-ranging, decentralized network of individuals aligned to a powerful mission.

By having a globally distributed network of advocates, talented builders, memers, ideators, investors, and others who apply their energy to the cause, there are at least two significant advantages. Firstly, this assemblage of builders can be plugged into other city projects for immediate results. They already have the requisite skills and background in solving for one new city, and those same talents can be applied to each new city. And as the idea of governance innovation shows success and gains virality, the concept scales more easily with the ability to plug this global network of builders into any new project around the world.

Moreover, spreading the distribution of a network or an idea can enhance its security and anti-fragility. By reducing single points of failure, this strategy increases resilience and ensures continuity in the face of potential disruptions. For instance, if a specialist in a given area is unavailable, other contributors who have worked with them on past projects can step in, ensuring the continuity in that field or idea. Additionally, a distributed network brings together diverse perspectives, ideas, and resources that enrich the network and make it more adaptable to changing circumstances.

From Online to On-land

As the clamor for new models of societal innovation has grown louder, the digital world has made it easier for communities to collectively explore those constructs. Applications like Twitter, Discord, and Reddit allow distributed groups with shared interests to debate and engage. Próspera’s unique offering is a real world manifestation of our community’s contributions and ideals.

While many of our community members start their journey within Próspera’s digital realms such as Discord, Dework, Reddit, and ePróspera, the ability to take these ideas a step further by manifesting them in a real-world location is something that only Próspera can offer.. As their engagement within the CBN or broader community deepens, the ability to collaborate in physical spaces and enjoy the fruits of their labor becomes increasingly important. Próspera is the only new model for a decentralized citizenry with real world cities where the community can collaborate to build the components of that city and congregate to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Our cities are more than just launchpads for economic vitality, they’re places where the values and efforts of our citizenry will shape the life experienced in those locations.

The launch of the Próspera City Builders Network marks a significant milestone in our mission to build new cities that promote effective governance and empower human prosperity. While we recognize that such an ambitious undertaking requires a gradual and incremental rollout, we are excited about the big picture. By fostering a global community of mission-aligned contributors and embracing an inclusive and meritocratic approach, we can generate innovative solutions and tackle complex challenges. Ultimately, we believe that building new cities powered by optimal governance and an enthusiastic citizenry united by shared values is the key to creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.




Próspera is an innovative governance platform that builds new cities in special economic zones.