Próspera’s Progress Report: Growth, Innovation, and Community Building

5 min readMar 8, 2023

Over the past 18 months, Próspera has made significant strides in expanding our footprint, launching new developments, and collaborating with exciting companies. These initiatives, coupled with the growth of our vibrant community, have generated even more excitement and momentum behind our mission to maximize human prosperity through transformative governance solutions.

Expanding the Boundaries

In 2021, Próspera was 58 acres with 3 buildings between a fishing village and a golf course. Today, the Próspera ZEDE encompasses over 1,000 acres total. The golf course and surrounding resort are now part of Próspera. The three buildings that were initially constructed on the 58 acres were expanded to meet growing demand for office space, and now over 100 Hondurans work there daily. These are primarily knowledge work jobs for US companies. One prominent employer is Relay Human Cloud, who contracts with American companies to hire bookkeepers and sales representatives in Próspera. This case study discusses how remote work has flourished as one of the primary industries in Próspera.

Port of Satuyé — Próspera is currently working on another hub on the Honduran mainland, in La Ceiba. This location, which Próspera is calling Satuyé, has access to a port and is near a large population center, which makes it much better suited to manufacturing and industrial purposes than Roatán, where real estate is more expensive and the population is less dense. We have already broken ground on some initial offices there. The industrial park is being developed in partnership with Jacobs Engineering, and we have secured an initial commitment from a major medical test manufacturing company who currently produces most of their products in China and ships to the US. Their decision to nearshore with Próspera illustrates the nearshoring trend that Próspera seeks to leverage in developing this industrial site.

Real Estate Developments

Duna Residences — 14 story mixed use development with over 1500 square meters of commercial and retail space in Phase 1, along with 82 residences. The first tower will be completed and opened for residents in Q2, 2023. Tallest building in Roatan by 2X. The developer, Apolo Group, is a Honduran company that is leveraging Próspera’s regulatory regime to provide modern, affordable housing for Roatán. Just like many places in the US, Roatán faces a housing shortage, and Próspera is seeking to address this local need through these economical residential options. More details on Apolo Group in this case study.

Pristine Heights — Plans have been released and reservations underway for the next residential development, which will break ground in summer of 2023.

Beyabu — Scheduled to break ground in Q3, 2023 Beyabu is our very exciting and innovative residential development by Zaha Hadid Architects. Each unit is customizable, as referenced below by the Circular Factory.

Circular Factory — The Circular Factory brings advanced fabrication technology to our construction of buildings like Beyabu. This enables development of units on a customized basis, and creating those components near the construction site with local materials and labor, facilitating the logistics of the operation. It will use robotics, geometric principles, and 3D printing to create beautiful structures with reduced material usage (up to 70% less concrete and 90% less steel)

LEAF Residences prototype — As part of our goal to provide affordable housing options to the many contributors to our community, prototype LEAF Residences were constructed in 2022. They are efficiency homes designed to maximize functional space, providing an attractive and affordable living solution.

Businesses in Próspera

Minicircle Gene Therapy Clinic — Minicircle launched therapeutic clinical trials. The Minicircle Gene Therapy Clinic in Próspera is running clinical trials for HIV, ALS, and muscular dystrophy. Staffed by experienced physicians, Minicircle plans to complete early trials in Próspera to generate preliminary data needed to conduct standard US trials in the future. Here’s a case study on them.

Seshat Bank — The first bank has opened inside Próspera. It’s a digital-bank offering business and personal banking services for Latin America.

Montessori School — We now have our first school on the property. Higher Ground has opened a Guidepost Montessori school located within Próspera. Here’s a case study on them.

Aerialoop — Aerialoop, one of the world’s fastest-growing commercial drone delivery companies, is bringing their services to Próspera. The company plans to enable rapid cargo transport between locations in Roatán, utilizing drones with autonomous flight technology.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies recognized as legal tender — In 2021 Próspera passed a resolution essentially recognizing Bitcoin and select other cryptos as legal tender within our jurisdiction. Here you can find a write up in Bitcoin Magazine about it.

Amity Age Academy — Amity Age Academy opened a Bitcoin Education Center, one of the first buildings you see when entering the property. Their goals are to educate locals and visitors about the opportunities Bitcoin represents, and how to engage with the technology. They will assist local merchants and businesses with accepting Bitcoin, using it to grow their businesses, and engaging with this modern financial tool.

Roatan Financial Services Authority Launched — Staffed by commissioners with decades of experience, the RFSA provides regulatory education and enforcement for businesses in Próspera.

A Community of Builders

Próspera Builder Summits — In partnership with Infinita VC, Próspera hosts events for entrepreneurs in healthtech, fintech, and other innovative industries. Attendees learn about the advantages of launching their business within our jurisdiction, network and collaborate with each other on business ideas, and on the final day there’s a pitch contest for everyone’s business plan. There’s a healthtech summit in April and a fintech summit paired with a DAO hackathon in May.

Launching in April: Próspera City Builder Network — This major new initiative, tentatively titled the PCBN, is a revolutionary distributed network where “builders” around the world can contribute their efforts towards the development of next-gen cities. Members of the City Builders Network will engage in the concepting and development of hundreds of projects based on their talents or interests. Participants can do simpler tasks like voting on new proposals, or they can opt into bounty projects that pay in stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, or in some cases, equity from the entity posting the task. These bounty projects could include things like creating a postal code system for the city, developing city shuttle services, new ideas for energy, beach maintenance robotics, crypto mortgages, or hundreds of other ideas. Many ideas will be crowdsourced from the network, including entrepreneurs who want to establish a business within Próspera.

Here are some recent videos that can give you more details about our vision and progress:

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